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Alakaban Tea Subscription Box – February 2017 Review

Alakaban Tea is a DIY tea box were you blend the tea and spices your way to create the perfect tea or to try a great new flavour. The Ceylon Tea is made with only fresh and organic ingredients direct from Ski Lanka. It is high quality, pure and never complex, allowing you to enjoy solely the flavour of the tea leaves without any additives.



Taste-Tea Plan – 70g of one type of specially chosen tea, 2 nicely paired spices plus a few surprises (makes 12-15 cups of tea) – $19.99

Thirst-Tea Plan – 150g of one type of specially chosen tea, 3 nicely paired spices plus a few surprises (makes 30-40 cups of tea) – $29.99

Novel-Tea Plan – Two 150g bags of one type of specially chosen tea,  3 nicely paired spices plus a few surprises (makes 120-150 cups of tea) – $39.99


Shipping: Canada ~$10.00, Worldwide – determined at checkout


(This box was sent to for review purposes, please contact us if you’d like us to review your box)

Alakaban Tea is a new do-it-yourself tea subscription box, that I heard about for the first time when they reached out to me to review their box. They sold out of their first box in January, but I was lucky enough to receive the February box yesterday.

Before receiving my tea box I really did not know much about Alakaban Tea. I knew it was tea directly from Sri Lanka, but when the box came, I was super excited… I get to create my own teas, how cool!!!

Each Alakaban Tea Box comes with an information card detailing each item in your box for that month: the tea, the spices, the flavour bomb/surprise box and other surprises each month.

Another information card inside the box outlines: How to Make Traditional Ceylon Tea, How to Make Your Own Tea Blend and How to Use Our Disposable Strainer

In addition, you can check out the ‘Alakaban Tea’ YouTube channel for instructional videos

Making Plain Tea the Lankan Way:

– Bring ¾ cup water to a boil.

– Add 1 tsp of finely powdered tea leaves into the boiling water.

– Add any Spices. Allow to boil for 2 minutes.

– Strain tea into your cup and then add sugar, usually 2 tsp.

The Tea Estate – Kandy

A whole leaf Orange Pekoe-A, from the hills of Kandy, Sri Lanka. The leaves of this black tea have not been broken or torn and are large and thick. Orange Pekoe-A teas are known world-wide for their rich quality. When brewed this tea has a delicate flavour.

I drink black tea almost everyday. I love it sweeter and with some extra flavours, so I am looking forward to having this for my afternoon tea today.


Cocoa Nibs- a special Valentine’s Day flavour.

Palmyra Jaggery (Coconut Jaggery)-  jaggery is a famous form of sugar for many Sri Lankans even today. It is an unrefined, non-distilled form of sugar cane. This coconut jaggery is a rare version produced by Ski Lankans using the sap from coconut palms. It is great for nibbling on while enjoying plain tea.

Ceylon Cinnamon- known as ‘true cinnamon’. This cinnamon is lighter in colour, sweeter, and has a delicate scent. Cinnamon has many health benefits and Ceylon cinnamon with its sweeter taste helps reduce the amount of sugar required in desserts and drinks.

Flavour Bomb/Surprise Box – Cupid’s Concoction

Tea bags filled with ground spices that you can add to your prepared tea, as well as, some empty tea bags for you to create your own personally flavoured tea.

This months flavour, Cupid’s Concoction, consists of a mixture of cocoa nibs, cinnamon and coconut jaggery. Just add 1 flavour pouch to 1 cup of plain tea and enjoy!


Spoon & Strainer

A small disposable strainer and two interchangeable clothes to strain your tea from the saucepan to your cup or to steep a single serving of tea in your cup. The clothes are washable and reusable.


A biodegradable wooden spoon to measure your tea. I did notice that the spoon was a little broken, however, I feel lucky knowing this box is supporting local Sri Lankans and their use of raw materials to make many hand-crafted items.

Verdict: I am completely in love with the fabulous, new DIY tea subscription box. Alakaban Tea has taken your average tea box and created an amazing spin on it! The teas, spices, and special surprises each month all have a unique story about them and the area where they are from in Sri Lanka. I love black tea, but this box has taken my everyday tea to a new level. Now I get to be the creator of my own tea! If you are in need of a quick cup of tea, they also provide you with a few pre-filled tea pouches for ease. This is an amazing subscription box that not only provides us with the simple joys a cup of tea brings, but allows us to see a glimpse into Sri Lankan culture and helps directly support them. I cannot wait to try my new tea and choose my spices. It is like crafting but for teas! This is a must have subscription box for tea lovers!

What did you think of your Alakaban Tea Box?

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