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is a monthly candy experience delivered to your door. Each month your will receive 6-7 different flavours and types of candy totaling three or more pounds! Sweet, sour, spicy and everything in between. Some selected from right here in Canada and others from around the world.

Cost: $27.95 (6 month subscription)

$28.95 (3 month subscription)

$29.95 monthly or every 2nd month

Shipping: $6.95


(This box was sent to for review purposes, please contact us if you’d like us to review your box)

Each Candy Box comes with an information card outlining each candy in your box for that month, complete with nutritional facts, and how to win a free candy box 🙂

efrutti Blue Raspberry Bottles

A bottle shaped soft, chewy, raspberry flavoured candy from Germany. I love the texture of these and I couldn’t put them down they were a great chewy candy without the sweetness of many candies.

Wiley Wallaby Gourmet Red Licorice

An Australian style of thick chunks of licorice. They are soft, chewy and full of rich flavour. I love these thick licorices, they had the same taste as regular licorice but in an awesome large chunk.

Foley’s Midnight Mints

A delicious Canadian made mint and chocolate sandwich like treat. These chocolates were amazing! They were the perfect combination of flavours, and I ate them all!

Albanese Apple Rings

A sweet and tart, lightly sugared, chewy apple flavoured ring candy. Apple flavoured candies are some of my favorite candies and these are delicious.

Neon Sour Worms

A chewy worm shaped candy, covered in sour sugar creating a delicious tartness. Flavours include: raspberry, lemon, orange, cherry and green apple. These candies are pretty much a stable in our house and a family favorite… need I say more!?

Wonka Runts

A hard fruit flavoured candy with flavours of banana, orange, strawberry, apple and grape. I cannot wait to introduce these favorite candies from my childhood to my children.

Vanilla Caramels

The classic, Canadian made vanilla caramels have the perfect warm vanilla taste and soft, chewy texture each individually wrapped. A great classic candy and these are so soft…not like the ones normally found in stores. They require a little more work to open, which is good as they slow me down from eating them so fast.

Verdict: What a fantastic box! I love candy and the March box was absolutely delicious!!! The perfect mix of sweet, sour, chocolaty, chewy, sugary and hard candies. I’ve only had this box for a few days and almost everything is gone. is always trying to improve their box and really listens to what the subscribers want. They have recently lowered their shipping rates to $6.95 and added the subscription option to receive a candy box every two months. I think  these are great improvements and many people will be happy. Great job! I am a candy lover and I am hooked!


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