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Estblsh Subscription Box Review February 2017

Estblsh, is a subscription service curated for Modern day gentlemen. Every month they deliver carefully-curated men’s fashion products to each of their subscribers. Each box is handpicked and will include ties, socks, pocket squares.

Cost:  29.99

Shipping: Free

(This box was sent to for review purposes, please contact us if you’d like us to review your box)

Estblsh ( pronounced Establish) is a great men’s curated accessories subscription box that I was eager to try out.  Each box comes with 3 pieces (tie, square and socks) to create a great look.  The box is simple, stylish and bold – much like the contents inside.

Each Estblsh subscription box comes with an information card describing the collection selected for you.



This tie is easily my favorite part of this box.  The tie is made of premium wool and feels soft to the touch and looks stylish at the same time.  The colors are a great accent to many dress shirts and I love how the back of the tie uses the same fabric as the pocket square – really ties the two pieces together.

ESTBLSH Pocket Square 

The pocket square is simple, yet stylish and as I said above, it complements the tie perfectly as the same fabric is used on the back of the tie.  The brilliant white and navy blue offer a great contrast and definitely complete the look.

Wolf Socks – $14.00

Made by a company in Vancouver, these socks complete the look from head to toe.  The socks are soft and of a thick enough material that they will not tear a hole after a few uses.  Again, the color ties in nicely with the rest of the box’s theme. The “Highbrow” sock is a great and yet simple design that will work well in the office or out on the golf course.  Its fun, and classy at the same time.


This was my fist box from Estblsh and I was quite impressed with the quality of the items.  The people at Estblsh did a great job of picking color combinations that work well with a multitude of shirts and jackets.   I also liked the fact that this box cuts right to the basics – Tie, Square and Socks.  Other accessories I find are very personal and I would be less likely to use them;  unfortunately some months this results in an unused item that you have paid for.  With Estblsh,  the 3 items are exactly the 3 things people notice! I would recommend this box to anyone who wants the ability to change their existing suit(s) on a regular basis with just the basic few accessories.

What did you think of the Estblsh?

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