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Pick A Cup Subscription Box Review March 2017

Pick A Cup is a monthly subscription box that delivers 24 single serve coffee pods right to your door every month, whether you want to enjoy your coffee at home or at work. Every box has a minimum of three varieties of coffee to let you discover new loves. Enjoy the possibilities!

Each month you will receive 24 single serve coffee pods (K-Cups), with a minimum of 3 varieties of coffee in your choice of light, medium, dark, flavored, decaffeinated or a mystery box filled with a mix of roasts.

Cost:  $28.95

Shipping: $13 for Canada

Pick A Cup also donates part of the proceeds to the Women Supporting Women Program!


(This box was sent to for review purposes, please contact us if you’d like us to review your box)

I was very excited when Pick A Cup contacted us to try their subscription box of K-Cup single serve coffees.  My office has A Kurig coffee machine and I have always wanted to try other coffee blends beyond the 3 in the kitchen.

Each Pick A Cup subscription box comes with an information card giving you ordering information and the website address.


Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee!!

Our box came a the surprise mix of coffee types.  All together we received 25 K-cups (regular boxes come with 24, unless an extra one falls in like ours 🙂 )  with 2 cups of each flavor.  We received 12 different flavors of delicious coffee.

 Our Pick A Cup box came with following coffee K-Cups in alphabetical order:

Adagio:   Caffe Napoli

Balzacs Roasters:  A Dark Affair

Green Mountain Coffee: Our Blend

Guy Fieri: Unleaded Decaf

Hurricane: Coconut Fudge Typhoon

Martinson:  Breakfast Blend

Martinson: Kona Blend

Timothy’s: Columbia Excelencia

Timothy’s: Sugar Bush Maple

Twisted Pine: Caramel Sea Salt

Twisted Pine: Wakey Wakey

Wolfgang Puck: After Dark Decaf

Wolfgang Puck:  Hawaiian Hazelnut

Because everyone has their own taste and preference in coffee I will not be giving a review on each type of coffee I received.  I can say that the selection within the Mystery Box was amazing; a great mix of light, med, dark, flavored and decaf.

Verdict: I love a great cup of coffee and this box delivers!  The mystery box is the best way to go in my opinion because you get to taste a number of coffees you might not otherwise try – especially if you had to commit to a full box in a retail store.  The price point is a good for the mystery box as buying all of these flavors retail in the smallest box available would be very very expensive.  The same can be said if you choose only one roast type as the box promises a minimum of 3 varieties in your chosen roast.  If you already have a favorite coffee, the price per cup is high when compared to buying a bulk box in a retail store, but with this box you are also buying the convenience of having everything taken care of for you and delivered to your door.  Overall, this box makes a great gift for a coffee lover, and a lovely monthly coffee tasting experience.  I hope they constantly add new exciting coffee varieties to the mix to keep things exciting each month.

What are your thoughts on Pick A Cup?

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