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Terra Bella Subscription Box – March 2017 Review

Terra Bella Box is an all natural bath and beauty subscription box. All the products are handmade, natural, cruelty-free and are made by small businesses.  Each month your will receive 3-4 products. Some of products that may be included are cleansers, moisturizers, masks, exfoliators, hand and nail products, makeup, hair products and many more.

As an alternate choice there is the Terra Bella Make-up Edit Box with at least 3 make-up products a month. Best part is you can switch between the boxes whenever you like!


Cost:  Terra Bella Box – $32.95

Terra Bella Make-up Edit Box – $29.95


Shipping: Determined at ‘checkout’



(This box was sent to for review purposes, please contact us if you’d like us to review your box)

Each Terra Bella Box comes with an information card detailing each item in your box for that month, as well as the retail value and a website link is provided for additional purchases or information about each product.

Cultivar – Organic Deeply Nourishing Daily Moisturizer


A non-greasy, light-weight moisturizer that penetrates deeply to hydrate the skin while balancing the tone and texture of the skin. Massage 2-3 drops onto your face. I love trying expensive, high-end beauty products that I may never have tried if it wasn’t in my Terra Bella Box. The product description on the box describes this as being a must-have moisturizer, so I have high hopes.

Each subscriber this month got a variety of different Wellsmith products. The 3 products I got were:

Extra Large Bath Bomb in Green Tea/Aloe


Place the entire bath bomb into a bath. Relax and enjoy while your bath bomb fizzes and releases oils into your bath water.

Herbal Bath Tea – Relax Tea


Pour bath salts into muslin bag. Either heat a pot of water and soak bag for about 15 minutes then pour water into your bath water. Or place bag directly in your bath water and enjoy!  The soothing salts will make your skin soft while the aromas fill your bathroom and calm your mind.

Scented Shea Butter – Vanilla Scent


A lovely natural vanilla scented body lotion. It is rather greasy but great for hydrating the whole body and it smells amazing!

Verdict: I am like a kid in a candy store waiting for my Terra Bella Box! It has always amazing, useful products that make me feel spoiled and pampered. It appears that this month Terra Bella tried a new idea, to get multiple products from one small business and give each subscriber a variety of these bath and body related products. The products seem great, but they all have very boring generic logos; not inspiring me, or making me super excited to use these products. I also could not find any more information about any of the Wellsmith products, the provided website and Etsy website did not have any products for sale or product information. 🙁   But, you can’t judge a book by its cover, and the products (with the exception of the greasiness of the shea butter) were quite nice.  I can’t wait to use all the products, and am excited to see what comes next month!


What did you think of the Terra Bella Box?


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