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$ 35.00

BARKBOX Fast Facts:

What’s in the box: 2 toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats and a chew

Choice: To customize your box, please reach out to BarkBox directly

Cost: $35.00 USD/month, 6 months $26 USD/month, 12 months $23 USD/month

Shipping to Canada: $8 USD and Free shipping in the contiguous USA (Hawaii and Alaska $8 USD)

Coupon Codes: Get a FREE extra month of BarkBox when you subscribe to a 6- or 12- month subscription


BarkBox is a monthly themed collection of toys, treats and goodies for your dog. Each box includes 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats and a chew, all curated with the month’s unique theme – can be tailored to fit your dog’s needs. Choosing from new themes each month will ensure that your pup always gets new, awesome surprises!


Subscription Plans:


Toys: Crafted by BarkBox’s own toy designers. Texture, color, shape and squeak is there for a reason

Treats: Recipes created by BarkBox to maximize your dog’s health and happiness. Their treats are made in the USA and Canada from domestic and imported ingredients.

Chews: Delicious and engaging edibles that are made in the USA and Canada from domestic and imported ingredients.


*If your dog has any allergies, dietary needs, or you would like to customize your box with more or fewer toys, treats or chews, please reach out to BarkBox directly.


See the HUGE list of previous themes (below):

Dogsgiving (Playtime is Served), Lick or Treat (Happy Howloween!), An Autumn Tail (it’s puppy spice season!), Fairground Hounds (Come on down!), Popium Pups (Fetch GREATNESS), Bark Scoob! (Mystery Loves Company!), Australia Outbark (Play time is WILD!), Bark Frenchies in Paris (Chew La La!), Snowbound Hounds (It’s Time to Play!), The Barkies (Roll out the red carpet!), Thankstuffing (Big Toys. Big Treats. Big Feast), Night at the Squeakeasy (What’s the Password, Pal?), The Dog Daze (Beat the Heat), The Muttcracker (Bark the Halls!), Secrets of the Rainfurrest (Explore Unmarked Territories), Shakespeare in the Dog Park (Don’t Miss Your Cue!), The Knights of the Hound Table (All Howl the Kind!), I.M. Slobbering’s Candy Shoppe (How Sweet it is!), Sniffs from the Abyss (Help is on the Way!), Hairy Metal (For those about to dog, we salute you), Chewrassic Bark (455 million dog years in the making), The Good – The Bad – And the Pugly (Saddle up, pup!), Throwbark Thursday (All that and a bag of treats!), New York City (Take a whiff of the Big Apple!), Sniffin’ Safari (Take a walk on the wild side), Bento & Blossoms (Sit, stay and sushi roll over)


Ready to spoil your pup with a BarkBox of their very own!?

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