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Kiwi Crate – KiwiCo

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KIWI CRATE Fast Facts:

Frequency: Monthly subscription box

What’s inside: Usually 2-3 crafts/projects with supplies, books, etc (see photos)

Choice: No, items are chosen for you

Age: 5-8 years old

Shipping: $6.95 per month to Canada

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Kiwi Crate (KiwiCo is the parent company) is a monthly subscription box filled with awesome themed projects for kids 5-8 years old! It contains entertaining and educational stuff for kids young and old!


KiwiCo (parent company) is a STEM and STEAM-based subscription box specifically for kids and teens. Each box is designed to educate and challenge children to think critically and follow step-by-step instructions while producing an amazing fun, usable final project. All the boxes are kid-tested for the difficulty and ability to hold the child’s attention, thus the recommended age for each box (however, you know your child’s ability best!)


KiwiCo has a variety of subscription boxes for all age groups:

Panda Crate … 0-24 month olds

Koala Crate … 2-4 year olds,

Kiwi Crate … 5-8 year olds

Atlas Crate … 6-11 year olds

Doodle Crate … 14+ year olds

Tinker Crate … 9-16+ year olds

Maker Crate … 14-104 year olds

Eureka Crate … 14-104 year olds



Each month’s box contains carefully selected items to promote S.T.E.A.M







What’s In The Box:

Each Crate contains themed products and activities:

  • Each project box contains 2-3 art, craft, and science projects.
  • All materials and instructions included.
  • New projects and themes every month! think camping, dinosaurs, wind energy, puzzles, mixed media, crystals, circuits!
  • Explore! magazine


Subscription types:

Monthly and Auto-renewing subscriptions (pay every 3, 6, or 12 months)


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