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Koala Crate – KiwiCo

$ 19.95 $ 13.97


Frequency: Monthly subscription Service

What’s inside: Each project box contains play-and-learn activities plus imagine! magazine

Choice: No, items are chosen for you

Ages: 2-4 years old

Cost: $19.95 USD monthly

Shipping: $6.95 per month to Canada

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Koala Crate (KiwiCo is the parent company) is a monthly subscription box filled with creative themed projects for kids 2-4 years old! It contains creative and educational activities for young kids!


KiwiCo (parent company) is a STEM and STEAM-based subscription box specifically for kids and teens. Each box is designed to educate and challenge children to think critically and follow step-by-step instructions while producing an amazing fun, usable final project. All the boxes are kid-tested for the difficulty and ability to hold the child’s attention, thus the recommended age for each box (however, you know your child’s ability best!)


The box works best with kids ages 2-4 years old

KiwiCo has a variety of subscription boxes for all age groups:

Panda Crate … 0-24 month old

Koala Crate … 2-4 year old

Kiwi Crate … 5-8 year old

Atlas Crate … 6-11 year old

Doodle Crate … 14+ year old

Tinker Crate … 9-16+ year old

Maker Crate … 14-104 year old

Eureka Crate … 14-104 year old



Each box contains carefully selected items to promote creativity, curiosity, and hands-on learning

What’s In The Box:

Each Koala Crate contains themed products and activities:

  • Each project box contains 2-3 creative activities
  • All materials and instructions included – parent guide
  • Imagine! magazine
  • Online DIY Ideas

Subscription types:

Monthly and Auto-renewing subscriptions (pay every 3, 6, or 12 months)


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