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Mommy Mailbox Subscription Box – April 2017 Review

Mommy Mailbox is a treat for moms (or any women) delivered to your door each month. This box is designed to make moms happy, “because when Mom’s happy, everyone’s happy”. Each month the box is curated by a guest blogger, who shares her style by including her favorite goodies. Items may include fashion, gourmet food, fitness, art, home decor, and beauty products.

Cost: $33.95 per month

Shipping: $10.50 to Canada


(This box was sent to for review purposes, please contact us if you’d like us to review your box)



Each Mommy Mailbox comes with an information card telling you about each of the products inside your box.

The theme for April’s box is Recharge and this month’s featured blogger is Karrie LocherKarrie is a full-time mommy and a full-time nurse that mixes fashion with practicality, as well as tips & tricks for #momlife.

Flat Notes Stationary – Graphique de France

An adorably packaged set of ‘thank you’ note cards and envelopes.

This is a lovely surprise this month as I love stationary and it is something completely different inside my Mommy Mailbox.

Skin Toner – Cultivar Organic Holistic Skincare

An organic skin toner cleanser, that helps balance sebum production for both too oily and too dry skin types. It helps prime skin for moisturizers and make-up, removes make-up, soothes over-stressed skin and helps minimize redness.

I cannot wait to try this facial cleanser. The packaging looks a little drab, but I think it will be a great product!

Hydrating Lip Balm – Wellsmith

A hydrating lip balm made without the use of dangerous ingredients you often find in other lip balms.

I use lip balm all the time, so when I saw this inside my box I was thrilled! I cannot get enough chap-stick and I love trying new ones.

Energy Breath Mints – Viter Energy

A breath mint packed with B-Vitamin Complex and caffeine that will also keep your breath fresh.

An interesting product I have not heard about energy boosting breath mints, I cannot wait to try it. Now I can have the caffeine boost without the calories in my specialty coffees. Good thing I read this description before I let my kids try these…:)

Enamel Pin Card – Fred & Far

Fred & Far have a mission to spread love to women everywhere. Their jewelry is a reminder to love yourself first. The future is bright and so are you.

All of their pins have an amazing powerful message. Not to mention that they are super cute and I love the rose gold colour!

Verdict: The April Mommy Mailbox was filled with some amazing different items than I have never seen inside my past boxes. Stationary is so hot right now, I was so excited to get this and it looks so cute! I cannot wait to spread my love for these cards by sending thank you notes to everyone, haha! The other unique item inside my box was energy breath mints, this is something completely new to me, I never even knew this type of product existed, but it may soon become my new go to calorie-wise caffeine boost. Thanks for another amazing Mommy Mailbox, I was thrilled with some completely new items this month as well as some great beauty favorites!

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