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Crystal of The Month Club

$ 16.00

Crystal of The Month Club Fast Facts:

Frequency: Monthly, quarterly, yearly

Amount:  1-3 carefully curated crystals, stones and/or minerals. Information cards detailing the items sent.

Choice: No

Shipping: Free

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Most the stones and crystals are sourced and curated by Kerri the founder herself and tumbled in her own home or polished by hand. If you are looking for something extra special for someone and do not want to give the conventional box of chocolates or flowers, crystals sets may be the way to go.

The Crystal of The Month Box will be sent to you each month with 1-3 carefully curated crystals or a selection of natural crystals, stones and/or minerals. Each crystal is accompanied by an information card that describes the various properties of the crystal detailing the popular healing benefits, how to clean, charge, rituals/lure and more. Boxes can include points, rough stones, tumbled stones, raw specimens, polished stones, spheres, wands or other related items.

We offer 3 different sizes and variations of boxes. We also have the Crystal Mini Discovery Kit and the Crystal Enlightenment Kit.


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