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NoMorePMSing Box

$ 19.99

NoMorePMSing Box Fast Facts:

Frequency: Monthly

Amount: 9-14 items

Choice: No

Shipping: $9.99


2000px-Maple_Leaf_svgCanadian Company

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NoMorePMSing box is a Canadian period/PMS subscription box that comes right to your doorsteps filled with everything to pamper you and comfort you during that time of the month.

They have Mini Moonlight box and Moonlight box, both come with variations of with or without hygiene products. If you choose the boxes with hygiene products, the Mini Moonlight box comes with your choice of 10 hygiene items, and the Moonlight box comes with your choice of 20 hygiene items.

Each box contains:
– Handpicked Items
– Chocolates
– Snacks
– Treats
– Comforting Teas
– Pampering Items
– Bath/ Body Items

They charge in CAD $ and ship to Canada and the US. Shipping within Canada is CAD $9.99.


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