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MyFunvelope is a new (pre-launch) Canadian craft subscription box for children that is fun and affordable. Each month your child will get four unique pre-packaged craft projects with easy to follow instructions, a learn to draw card and other printables that follow a monthly theme. They will also receive a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activity kit that focuses on making learning a fun and sometimes hilarious hands on experience. Everything your child needs to create the crafts will be included: scissors, glue, markers, crayons and in your first MyFunvelope you will get a pencil case to decorate and store these items inside.


Cost: $18 per month


Each week MyFunvelope is giving away a free funvelope on their website and facebook page. Good Luck!



(This box was sent to for review purposes, please contact us if you’d like us to review your box)

My kids love doing crafts all the time! When two Funvelopes arrived in the mail they could hardly wait to open them. We didn’t know what to expect inside, but once opened they were in love and immediately began crafting!

*We received two Funvelops, but I will only review one of each item, as that is what comes in a regular box.

Each MyFunvelope comes with an information card outlining each craft and activity in your box for that month complete with instructions. The theme in our April box is “Bring on Spring”.

Watermelon Headband

A simple and fun craft for even my three year old to do by herself. It only took them a few minutes to complete but they had lots of fun wearing them around the house. They enjoyed being able to personalize and place the watermelon seeds wherever they wanted.

Bug Box

The initial folding and putting the bug box together required my help for both my girls. Once assembled they loved decorating the outside of the box with the outdoor stickers, yes they love stickers! The weather here is not warm enough for bugs but in the meantime they have been filling their box with all their crafts and toys and carrying it around the house.

Sun Necklace

Simple to follow instructions complete with beads and googly eyes is a win, win for my girls! I had to help peel the paper off the sun and tie the necklace together, other than that these girls were so busy crafting without me, that I didn’t get to take any photos before they were done. They had lots of fun making this necklace and it was nice to have a craft which was easy for both my kids to do but still took them some time to complete.

Rainbow Weaving

I remember doing paper weaving when I was a kid. This is a great, simple weaving project with easy to follow instructions. This craft will be a challenge for my kids as they have never done anything like this before, but I know they will have fun and learn a great new crafting technique.

STEM – Mr. Grass Head

This was one of the activities I was most excited for. I do grass heads every year around Earth Day with my girls and we could not wait to start these. We chose to make these outside to keep clean up to a minimum. They did require some of my help with the soil and seeds but I have so much fun making these, I enjoyed helping. Every day the girls check to see how much taller the grass is and of course they are so excited to trim the grass hair.

Other Activities

The snake finger puppet and learn to draw ladybug were fun additions that my kids were able to do in a few minutes at their own leisure. The drawing card is a nice addition each month to teach children to draw simple items.

Verdict: Our first MyFunvelope box was a hit with the whole family! It is obvious that my kids loved it, they wanted to do all the crafts on the first day, one after another. I did manage to spread them out the course of about three days. Our favorite item in the box was the grass heads. The kids love watching their grass head grow everyday and help care for them with water, sunshine and, of course, haircuts. Even Mom and Dad are enjoying watching them grow. We have used this as a teaching lesson about what plants need to grow and how they are good for our environment. This box has a great range and variety of very simple to slightly more complex crafts, which makes it great for young preschool kids and older ones as well.

I have seen a few similar kids crafts boxes, but I love that it comes in an envelope, to reduce the cost and save on shipping. As a new subscription box, I cannot wait to watch this company grow.

What do you think of MyFunvelope?


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