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Vegan Cuts Snack box Subscription boxWhat is a Subscription Box?


This is actually the most common question we receive.  Simply, subscription boxes are curated (hand selected) assortments of items, based on the theme of the company, delivered monthly to your mail box! The subscription based industry is nothing new, we all have had monthly magazines delivered to our mail box, Columbia House (back in the day) would deliver CDs and DVDs monthly.  Just recently, subscription boxes have stormed the market with a new twist on monthly deliveries.  Now you can receive monthly TV subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, etc as well as subscriptions for personal and beauty supplies (think razors, make-up), artisan creations, luxury products, meal prep delivery services, collectibles, and more – a gift to you every month, and every month is different.  Each box on our site has its own theme; find a box you like and they curate a unique collection of products for you every month!

There are literally thousands of niche markets out there that have a subscription box catered to them now.  Have a dog?  There are subscription boxes that deliver dog treats and toys every month to keep your best friend happy.  Kids? Subscription boxes are a great way to teach your kids about the world, electronics, science, crafts, home-school, and more.  Every month or season, a new kit arrives that engages your children and keeps them busy with crafts and exploration – no thinking on your part, no runs to the craft store for supplies, its all done FOR YOU!

Beauty products are a HUGE subscription box market.  Every month you receive a collection of sample size or full size products. Because of the marketing power of these box companies, they can get huge discounts on luxury items.  FabFitFun is a great example as they offer over $200 worth of luxury products each season, for only $50 subscription fee.  Other boxes find unique artisan perfumes from around the world not available in local stores and package those for you.  Other sites find Vegan beauty products for you to try!

How do the subscriptions work?

Once you find box on our site that you like, click subscribe now and you will be taken to their site  where you choose the box and length of subscription you want. Most boxes offer a single box price, so you can buy one box, have it mailed to you, and see if you like it.  Other common subscription terms are 3,6 and 12 month subscriptions.  Most companies offer better discounted prices and free shipping on longer term subscriptions.   Looking for Subscription Box – Spoilers, Coupons Codes, Reviews and FREE boxes

Start exploring a whole new world of amazing products and experiences!

Our complete list of Subscription Boxes that ship to Canada!


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